Friday, June 13, 2008

What I'm Working On

I've had some time to sew in the past couple of days. Today, my son had a couple of friends over for their band to practice in our basement. I was rather surprised to hear some pretty good music and not just noise coming from downstairs.  I worked on the neutral quilt for my SIL for her Christmas gift.  When I was cutting out the blocks, I was amazed at the great selection of neutral fabrics that  I had in the project box. I know that I'm the one who bought the fabric, but for the life of me, I dont' remember some of these prints or where I purchased them. I do really like them. I hope I can find some other interesting neutrals. I'm planning on doing another neutral quilt. It's a log cabin quilt in neutrals called White Chocolate designed by my quilting teacher and mentor Pat Wys. 

Here is the neutral star quilt that I worked on today. It's from a pattern in McCall's Quilting Magazine. I don't remember the name, but my friend Brenda at The Quilting Cowgirl made one so I just refer to it as the neutral quilt that Brenda made. Lame, but I'd have to go upstairs to check the pattern name:)  I still have to sew the rows togther, then add two borders. I'm liking how this one is coming together.

Happy Quilting!


Karin said...

I love how your neutral quilt is coming out. I am thinking I have to put that one on a project to do someatime in the future list. I also would like to see a picture of whihte chocolate. I did not do that one and I can not remember what it looked like.
Cindi called last night and is needing a visit to Sweet Home. If she finishes car stuff, we will take a trip out there-like I need more fabric!!

Gretchen said...

Love this quilt! Looks like shots of espresso in a latte! Can you tell I'm in coffee heaven in the Pacific NW??? Elliot said I should have kept track of how many cups of coffee I had out here but I'm afraid it would be a zillion!!!

Miss y'all! Gretch

The Calico Cat said...

I saw that at a local quilt show - with red stars & squares - I loved (love) the simplicity.