Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Reading Maeve Binchy Books

Several weeks ago, I read the latest book by Maeve Binchy. Mrs. Binchy is an Irish author who writes contemporary stories set in Ireland especially the capital city of Dublin. She creates unique characters. Her stories are rich in detail, many plot lines and subtle humor. She is a masterful storyteller. When reading Heart and Soul, I realized that some of the characters in the story were characters from other Binchy books that I had read years ago. I recognized the characters, but couldn't remember the storyline or the book titles. That was all it took to interest me in rereading some of her titles. I did a bit of research and the best that I can tell, this series of books begins with the title, Evening Class.
(If I missed an earlier title that is connected with these titles, please let me know. I'll be happy to search for that one to read, too.) This title is set in Dublin and Italy. We are introduced to wonderful characters especially Aidan and Nora.
Tara Road is next. This was an early title in Oprah's Book Club. The story is entwined around couples and family life.

Perhaps, my favorite title is Scarlet Feather.
Twins Maud and Simon are so entertaining. Cathy Scarlet and Tom Feather are wonderful, unique characters. Lots of food preparation, ridicule of the rich useless upper class and plain good escapist reading.

Quentins is a bit more serious. It's the book I'm currently reading.

Nights of Rain and Stars,

Whitethorn Woods and Heart & Soul. I have a stack of Binchy books on my night-stand. I'm looking forward to good Summer Reading.


Brenda said...

Haven't read her newest book yet, will have to put it on my list.

Andee said...

I have read all but two of her books I believe (they are on my shelf) but my all time favorite is Evening Class followed by Tara Road. Love this author!

Mary said...

I've read and enjoyed all her books too!

Teresa said...

I am going to have to order these books for my mom. I know she has not read this author and she is always looking for books to read while sitting at the nursing home with my dad. She always gives me back the books after she has read them, so I can read them then myself. Thanks for the list!