Monday, June 8, 2009

Sewn Give-away

I hate to see the Sewn give-away end. I've so enjoyed reading the comments, e-mails and visiting the blogs of the quilters/crafters who entered my blog give-away. I entered the numbers in the random generator at    The winning number was number 79. Combining the comments, followers, and folks who blogged about my give-away,  number 79   is  ......


           Victoria M. who blogs at  "So Many WIPs, So Little Time."

 Congrats to Victoria! Please send me your postal address so I can get these books to you.

Again, thanks to everyone who entered the give-away! I loved your comments. Loved visiting your blogs to discover more about you.

Looking forward to the actual Sewn website which will be launched tomorrow!


Susan said...

Those are great books! Congratulations Victoria!

Victoria M. said...

Oh wow !! Thanks so much, Becky. I know I'm going to LOVE these books.

TexasRed said...