Sunday, June 28, 2009

Two Tops Done

Finally, not one completed quilt top, but two. I've worked on both of these projects for the last month. One project has been aging in a plastic container for at least a year; the other closer to four years. I feel a big sense of accomplishment getting these tops off the To Sew list. Autumn Ridge has been aging in the plastic container for years. Gretchen, Karin and I traded strips especially for this quilt. I love the rich autumn tones. This is my first log cabin quilt. I learned to pay close attention to the placement of the logs. I probably reversed sewed as many blocks as I completed, but I finally got it right :) I purchased a yellowish, gold autumn leaf fabric for the backing. This backing was purchased when our local shop, Quilting Essentials when out-of-business. Hmm, is that five years ago? Something else out of my fabric stash!!!!!

Firecrackers was begun last July at a Stitch 'N Sisters sewing day. Brenda and I both choose red, white and blue for our color choices. We swapped fabric as we were sewing on our quilt tops. Brenda worked on her quilt top earlier in June when we were at her cabin. Her quilt top can be seen on this blog post. About two weeks ago, I purchased the fabric for the two borders at Sweet Home. I'm happy with this top. My plan is to piece some of the remaining red, white, and blue fabric for the backing.

My goal is to try and complete a quilt top a month. I'm a bit behind this year. I think this makes six quilt tops for 2009. I normally bring my quilt tops to a longarm quilter as soon as I finish one. This year with Michael's college fees putting a strain on the budget, my quilt tops will have to wait in line.


Sara said...

Those tops are both beautiful! They each have a very different look but both look great!

Gretchen said...

Hooray the Autumn Ridge Trio tops are all done!! Now we just need to get them quilted at some point...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the Firecrackers quilt. Turned out perfect!!!