Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Celebrate - Books

It's that time - Book Fair in an elementary school. After twenty years of doing book fairs, it's not that much fun anymore, EXCEPT the kids absolutely love it. I'm always taken in by their excitement and passion for reading. Here is the "Clifford" truck as the delivery guy called it in front of my school.
The book fair is delivered in rolling cases filled  
with books plus additional boxes of books to put on display. After several grueling hours with the help of volunteers, the library media center becomes a book store.

Perhaps, my favorite activity at a book fair is giving away books on our morning announcements. I have teachers send me the names of students who are really working hard to improve in their academic work and/or just need a positive something to happen. These students get to select a free paperback book at the book fair. The excitement and wonder on their faces makes the week-long hardwork worth it.


Lori in South Dakota said...

Love your book fair. No kids should grow up without books! This week my sister brought over a whole sack of books to take with me to see Mason this week (did I tell you she's a librarian??) and with every holiday (and some days that aren't holidays) he gets BOOKS. I watched his mother read to him when they were home a few weeks ago, and they both enjoy it. He is now into "helping" turn the pages and trying to chew on them. LOL But I love books and hope all your kids at school do too!

Brenda said...

Good luck with the bookfair.